Dennis B. Chase Optimism Awards

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The recipient should be a person who is kind, positive, caring and an active participant in making the world a happier place!
2017 Recipients of the Dennis B. Chase Optimism Awards
Dennis not only made an impact on the people who knew him, he also impacted people he’d only met once or twice. Since Dennis passed away in 2012, the family has heard numerous stories of how he made a positive difference in countless situations.  Dennis’ big grin, sense of humor, bear hugs, and warm personality are still an inspiration to people today.
The Chase Family, in honor of a man who is missed every day, is excited to recognize kind-hearted, optimistic people who are an inspiration to their friends, family, and community!  The Chase Family chose two recipients for 2017 and will accept nominees for all future awards.

Meet the 2017 Recipients of this Special Award:

Nancy Enns

As written by Nancy’s husband Mike:

We often wonder how a person can inspire others when they are faced with the most extreme challenges. How can a person be suffering and still think of everyone’s feelings but their own? Nancy Enns was THAT person. Whether she was assuring her husband that she had faith in him, telling her children how proud she was, loving and sharing with her work and social families, or simply reassuring everyone that everything was going to be okay; she did so with grace and a smile. Some quotes were left behind by Nancy, which she would like to share:

Don’t sweat the small stuff”

 “Life is not about giving up”

“I know you are capable and have the love” 

“I see you are passionate, motivated, and intelligent individuals”

After her tracheotomy, Nancy wrote on her whiteboard “I am bummed that I won’t have more time but I will always be here in spirit; I’ll probably be having more fun because I haven’t been able to go underwater…but soon, I can,  I love all of you!”

Her words were spoken to community friends, family, and caregivers. Everyone was a loved one to Nancy, and her positivity was infectious. Even towards the end of her life, Nancy remained optimistic and selfless, often cheering up the people around her and putting others before herself.

This is how we remember her: full of love and positivity.

Nancy’s family has created a team to participate in this special Smile Walk; thank-you in advance for supporting their efforts.

Phoebe Truskey
Phoebe Truskey is a very special 9-year-old from Comber, Ontario. Phoebe has raised money to donate to the Canadian  Cancer Society twice in April which is Daffodil month, and once in December to help offset costs for rides to treatments for cancer patients.  Phoebe’s fundraising efforts include donations from cutting her own hair, making and selling bubble wands and bracelets; she also participates in walkathons, and tree planting.  In addition to fundraising, Phoebe paints and hides rocks in her neighborhood to bring smiles to those who find them.  For more on Phoebe, please read the article Windsor Star did on her in 2016.  Congratulations to Phoebe for being one of the first three recipients of the Dennis B. Chase Optimism Awards.
Phoebe has graciously offered to participate in this year’s Smile Walk – please click here if you’d like to pledge her!